We are here to discuss and look at the question raised that asks which is the best online roulette game to play? Given there are many different variations of the game inside casinos online and how they are accessible, we review the options and see if there is an overall game that reigns supreme in the category of roulette.

Getting the Best Roulette Gaming Options

One definite proposition is that if you want the best gaming options within the category of roulette, you most definitely need to have access to the best online casinos that house them. For players situated in the regions of South Africa, you can find brilliant gambling sites here; they provide you with legal operators who are legally approved to service the SA market and come licensed by the toughest bodies in the business.

They are also guaranteed to provide fair roulette games to play because every game has been independently tested by authorities that have certified them as being honest with their service. So, if you want to get off to the best start, you know where to click.

The Variants on Roulette Online

Now we’ve established the best places to play, we now need to look at the option of games to determine which is the best one to play.

Roulette is a game that offers many different variants. This game has a number of alternative tables that all provide the same basics of gameplay, by that how you bet and win. Each variant of roulette comes with a slight adjustment to the traditional form of roulette. Some tables have an extra number, side betting option or play faster. Then you have variants like double ball roulette and double wheel roulette, which take the option of winning into a whole new level. But we need to look at the facts.

When asked which game is best, we must assume the question is directed at the opportunity to win more, assuming the result of playing outweighs the quality of gaming. The fact is, no matter how you dress the game of roulette up, the house will still maintain a higher edge over the player, which comes in at around 4-6%. The more ‘fancy’ the game sounds and arrears, the greater that percentage climbs, but to the layman that has no knowledge of how games are made, the fancier always seems to be the better to win on.

Is there a game that is better than all others, if you wanted to be picky, then you would have to say the original form of roulette is the best because it has a more even balance of probability over the casino than other more ‘fancier’ games.

Live and Virtual Online Roulette Games

Perhaps, a better approach would be to look at how the games are played when looking for a defining opportunity. Roulette is found as a virtual table game and one which is played live. Which option is better? No contest, playing live is the better way to experience roulette. The live format is indeed more immersive given that you have a live dealer you can communicate with and play using a real roulette table.

The live table as no programming like the virtual options, so even though both are based on the principle of random play, the virtual gaming, being programmed to act randomly, still seem to lack a sense of realism to them and takes the shine away from what are still engaging and fun games to play.